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Viome Gut Intelligence™ test

This test analyses the activity of the microbes in your microbiome in order to provide you with personalised food recommendations that allow your body to function at peak performance.

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Who's there?

Every living organism produces RNA molecules from its DNA. Our technology sequences the RNA in your sample to identify and quantify all the living microorganisms in your gut. This is the highest resolution of a person’s gut microbiome available!

What are they doing?

After identifying your gut’s composition, we look at how your microorganisms are functioning. Measuring the functions of the microbes—what their genes tell them to do—is hugely important, as scientists have begun to suggest that the function of the microbiome (what your microbes are doing) is more important than the composition (who's there) to overall health and disease outcomes. What we see goes a step beyond information about what the microbes can do in a hypothetical sense. We can tell you what genes are actually expressing.

What you get is a realistic picture of what's happening in your gut and how the foods you eat are affecting you.

With Viome, you can fine-tune the function of your gut microbiome with a personalised diet to minimise the production of harmful metabolites and maximise the production of beneficial ones, so that you experience increased energy and general well-being, all while reaching and maintaining a healthy state of balance.

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Start your journey in 3 easy steps

You order a kit

Register your kit, collect your sample, and complete your questionnaires.

We analyse your sample

Send your sample off to our state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis.

You get results

Your recommendations are delivered right to you through your Viome app, tablet, and computer.

Retesting with Viome

Retest when you're ready.

Focusing on boosting the beneficial and suppressing the harmful activities of the microbiome for 90 days offers just enough time to ensure a more lasting impact to your microbiome and your overall wellness. While some people do experience some immediate changes in as little as a few weeks after following Viome’s recommendations, you are your own best baseline.

To track your functional active microbiome changes, we suggest retesting several times a year or as often as needed.

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Viome as a microbial GPS

A well-known microbiome scientist once said that in the future we will each need a “microbial GPS” to navigate us through our lives in good health.

Personalization is about regularly measuring and making micro-adjustments over time. This is exactly what Viome offers: your personal microbial GPS so that you can make informed decisions based on what's happening inside of you as you go through life.